Monday, June 1, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears and...Manatee

This year's summer sculpture series, Roam Around, makes its debut today. It's bulls, bunnies, buffalo and all their forest and/or jungle friends. Whether or not I truly like the artwork, I love seeing the new additions put in place - it's a harbinger of the season.

I've only seen a few members of the heard in their seasonal native habitat, but I definitely like a few of them. All the rust-colored abstract critters are a-ok with me. There's something fitting about the giraffe craning his long neck down Bedford Street from the Broad Street corner - like he's straining to see if they've filled up the empty storefronts yet. The promotional materials suggest a spindly wire horse, a buffalo paying tribute to the St. Louis Arch and a robot unicorn (which is now what I want for Christmas).

Stamford Plus
whispered in my ear that there would be a June 10th open reception at the Stamford Marriott for the metal menagerie. For more information about tickets or the outdoor exhibit itself, call 203-348-5285 or check out


Stamford, the workin' city? said...

I am glad it is animals! Sometimes the people make me do a double take cause I think its a kid going into the street or something

JR said...

The wire horse is in Latham Park (between Prospect and Bedford Streets, just north of the Avon), and it's HUGE!!!