Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bride Pride

So imagine you've just said "I do," and you're riding back from your reception when you see smoke billowing out of your neighbor's house. Do you (a) call 911? (b) assume someone else will help out (you're busy watching the world revolve around you)? or (c) jump out of the car in the most expensive dress you'll ever wear and save the day? If you said (c), you are in good company with Georgette Clemons of Bridgeport, CT. None of the reports confirm it, but I suspect that her veil featured a giant red "S." On Sunday, leaving her own wedding reception, she saw smoke, asked the driver to pull over and yelled for the residents to leave the burning home. When someone inside did not oblige, she charged in to the rescue! All occupants - plus dogs and ferrets - escaped unscathed. Her dress was charred and her shoes were ruined, but she took it all in stride.

Of course, I can relate completely. On my wedding day, I had to use a substitute strand of pearls. Talk about heroism...

(photo from peagreengirl,

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