Sunday, May 31, 2009

Barcelona is bringing summer back

Went to Barcelona on opening night. Sixteen thumbs up. This, the 6th Barcelona in CT, makes a strong case for the theory that Stamford is emerging from the downturn. The wine selection is impressive with bottles displayed in a giant industrial metal case running the length of the restaurant. Don't let the steel structure fool you though, the space oozes with cozy charm. The wall of wine separates an intimate dining area from the massive granite bar. Adjacent is a smaller dining area and a patio that screams warm weather cocktails. Go, eat, drink and make Summer Street live up to its name.


Unknown said...

All of my pre-opening info said this was going to be a sweet spot.

Kevin McKeever said...

But is the food any good?

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

I can report that it's quite good after two glasses of wine and probably nearly as good without.