Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About Town

The grapevine told me two interesting things today:

1. UBS is staying put! The Hour and quite a few others report that UBS will accept a $20M "forgivable loan" - which I think is code word for a gift - in exchange for sticking around for five years and keeping at least two thousand jobs in the state. I hope that "in the state" means in Stamford proper, but the article doesn't actually say. They'll take in more dough if they bring in more jobs too. Lord only knows what would have happened if UBS had left us at the altar, so I'm glad we'll keep going steady for at least the next little bit.

2. Macy's is getting a facial. My buddy, TK, tells me our downtown Macy's is getting a power wash. She saw it in the works and reported that it was already looking spiffier.

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Chic to Restaurant Week

Hi there, citizens! In addition to gradually turning into a basketball, I've been busy traveling to Toronto for work then to San Francisco for play and easing my way into the harsh realities of the real world. Luckily, to ease the blow, Stamford Restaurant Week to the rescue! It started today and runs until Monday, September 5th. I love their loose interpretation of "week."

My husband and his parents along with our 7 year old nephew took full advantage of it today with the selection from Lucky's. I'm hoping my friend AF and I do the same by week's end at Volta or Bar Rosso. If you want to see what's on the menu - or the many menus - there's a spiffy little CT Restaurant Week website that I've never seen before.

If you'd rather hear it from yours truly, the deal is this:

$10.11 for lunch; $15.11 for dinner at
- Black Bear
- Grand Burger (dinner only - never been to that one)
- Kujaku
- Lola's Mexican Kitchen (excludes Fri/Sat - see my recent review)
- Lucky's (which is such a neighborhood gem - affordable, easy, no fuss, yum chicken salad sandwiches)
- SBC Downtown
- Tiernan's (I know they serve alcohol...but food? If you say so...)
- Volta (I've been three times now, and really enjoyed it)

$12.11 for lunch; $20.11 for dinner at
- BUtterfield 8
- Capriccio (lunch only - not surprising b/c it's hard to get a dinner table there without any special promotions)
- Kotobuki
- Quattro Pazzi (excludes Fri/Sat - always have great meals here - this one seems like a pretty darned good deal to me)
- Remo's (love Remo's but their prices start out reasonable, so I'm not sure if this one actually saves you money)
- Tengda (with the sad, sad demise of Duo, my reigning favorite sushi option)

$20.11 for lunch; $30.11 for dinner
- Aria
- Barcelona (such a fun summer spot)
- Bar Rosso (excludes Fri/Sat - nice way to check out one of our newest additions - I've only been once but it burned holes in my pockets, so this one, I can assure you, is a good deal)
- Capital Grille
- Chez Jean Pierre (excludes Sun for some strange reason)
- Columbus Park (only been a few times, but a good, solid option)
- Emme of Capri
- EOS (excludes Fri/Sat - good reminder that we need to go back there - check out their stellar review from the NYT)
- Mitchell's
- Morton's (dinner only)
- napa & co (lunch only)
- Tappo (excludes Fri/Sat - if you haven't been, you should fix it soon - pasta is excellent)
- ZAZA (excudes Fri/Sat - another nice new addition to the neighborhood - service is still not great, but food is very nice)

For more info on specials for kids and one for Avon Theatre popcorn, check out the restaurant week website above.

(photo from John Althouse Cohen,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rock Stamford!

Don't forget to check out the fantabulous conclusion to Alive @ 5 with headliners, the B-52s!