Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stamford, June 2009

So here we are,
In Summer 09.
The economy sucks,
But the weather is fine.

Retailers are sick
Of save and of scrimp.
And Stamford made headlines
Over a freakin chimp.

We’re looking ahead
To Alive @ Five singers
And scratching our heads
Over Povich and Springer.

Nothing new with The Hole,
Still rat traps and stumps.
Sure hope people buy
At Highgrove and Trump.

A bit of new life,
The French Market should bring.
Let’s all cross our fingers:
Stamford’s on the upswing.


Unknown said...

Nice rhyme!
I was never impressed with the French market, I liked the old farm market at Columbus park, it almost felt real.

Silli said...

Very cute. I'll be optimistic about the French market this year.