Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Hint of Mint

An astute reader on the nail salon entry asked if anyone had checked out Mint (2344 Summer Street). As part of my blog-ligations, I did just that to rip select portions of my eyebrows from my face (I don't care what anyone says - it hurts).

I parked in the rear, which was ill advised since the lot is graded like a skate park, and I tried entering through the back door. A large dining table and darkness suggested I better aim for the front entrance, and I had better luck from that direction. The people were welcoming and the space was crisp and colorful. Bright modern signs were illuminated over the doors. The spa rooms featured breezy white curtains and pale purple ceilings.

I have infinite sympathy for opening day, which was good because my de-browinator had to physically push a ladder and a day bed out of the way for me to get situated. Still, the work was good and the price was fair. I would go back, leaving my car elsewhere and hoping the ladders are back in storage.

(photo from cobalt123,

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