Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cans and Cocktails RECAP

What a great event! Thanks so much for coming out to make it a big success. We ate, we drank, we did a lot of good. Here are some of the highlights:

- Kate Lombardo of the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank said a few words about hunger in our community and was clearly thrilled with the support for her important organization.

- Every person at Chinese Mirch did an incredible job making the guests feel welcome. Owner Sienam Lulla ran a tight ship with a big smile and made sure everything worked like a charm. She and her staff just blew me away with their positive attitude and unending courtesy.

- Fairway Market donated $500 worth of food, including basically everything on the food bank's wish list. It was a tremendous and thoughtful contribution by a company that is about to be our newest neighbor.

- Guests took home collections of original, creative and amazing artwork postcards from We Can't Stop. All the impressive graphic work was his accomplishment, including the stylish cocktail menu and the sleek signs on the entry table.

- We tasted nine fabulous cocktails sponsored by nine local bloggers (including moi!) and $6 of every $10 cocktail goes right to the food bank. The hard working and articulate bloggers behind all of the following wrote about and devoted their time to support the food bank: Always Home and Uncool, Blog Stamford, CT Bites, PeculiarBliss, Stamford Talk, Streets of Stamford, The Lunch Break Chronicles and (of course) We Can't Stop. I was honored that the ladies behind some other fabulous blogs, Stamford Downtown Events, Stamford on the Cheap and Urban Gardens (just to name a few), came to support the food bank as well. Amazing to meet them and so many other phenomenal members of our community!

Because Chinese Mirch generously agreed to contribute funds from their restaurant sales through tonight, it's too early to say how much money we raised for the food bank, but I can't wait to tell you. Will do so ASAP!

I could not have asked for a better evening, and I'm so thankful to everyone who helped make it unforgettable.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cans and Cocktails TODAY

The big event kicks off in a mere TWO HOURS!! Come to Chinese Mirch, order a fabulous cocktail and help out your local food bank. See below for more details. Look for me there and please say hello! I'll be the short girl in the green dress with a big smile.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cans and Cocktails TOMORROW!

I'm ridiculously excited about the charity happy hour event I'm co-sponsoring TOMORROW. You can see the invitation right here. We've gotten a great response to the event, and I'm thrilled so many people are interested in supporting the worthiest cause around (in my humble opinion): The Lower Fairfield County Food Bank.

We have a great cocktail menu in store featuring nine cocktails sponsored by nine different local blogs:
- We Can’t Stop
- Always Home and Uncool
- Blog Stamford
- CT Bites
- PeculiarBliss
- Stamford Talk
- Streets of Stamford
- The Lunch Break Chronicles
- Stamford Notes

Each one you buy makes a big fat contribution to the food bank. In addition, we have some great Stamford souvenirs designed especially for this event by We Can't Stop. We get underway at 5:30 on Wednesday at Chinese Mirch (35 Atlantic Street) and will stay until they kick us out!

If you'd like to join us, please RSVP by emailing me at Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Fisticuffs

The genius behind the Boardroom Brawl, Ahmad Mickens, is presenting another boxing bonanza. In keeping with the season, the event is called Fall Fisticuffs. It's underway on October 9th at 7pm.

A little more cozy this year, it will take place at Revolution Fitness at 860 Canal Street. There will be only 100 tickets, so get 'em while the gettin's good. The event features the club's youth boxing program in five select bouts, and your $100 ticket supports the group's continued success. To RSVP, contact You can pre-order tickets or buy them at Revolution Fitness' front desk.

(photo from ganessas,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Art Ever

One of my favorite people, TL, and dropped in on the the Arts and Crafts Festival on Bedford today. Sunshine and goodness from one side to the other, but there was a standout that made me smile.

Greg Stones is a Rhode Island based artist who has a profound knowledge of the inner life of penguins and zombies. His work is clean and understated, but completely off the wall. It's tough to accomplish all those adjectives, but he makes it look effortless. Check out his creative take on animals and monsters. He's also posted a YouTube video of his excellent book called Zombies Hate Stuff. For my two cents, it looks even better in person, so pop by his booth at the festival while he's still in town.

Friday, September 24, 2010

On Saturday, Drugs Stay Away

Saturday, September 25 from 10am to 2pm your friendly neighborhood the Drug Enforcement Agency is hosting a National Take-Back Day. It's a chance to clean out the medicine cabinet and throw out expired and unwanted meds.

The reason for the special day? To fight the subtle but important problem of kids taking potentially hazardous or addictive medications. Because they are easy to obtain and free for the taking, the drugs that remain are a dangerous temptation. The police department has indicated that prescription drug abuse in Connecticut kills more people under the age of 34 than car crashes.

In Stamford, you can toss those troublesome drugs at the Stamford Police Department on Bedford Street. Just drive on up and toss it out - no need to provide information at all.

For more information, contact the Stamford Police Captain Conklin in Narcotics Division at 203-977-4404. You can also see his website at You can also contact Lt. Timothy Shaw at 203-977-4836.

(photo from Tacit Requiem,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spirit of September

I was excited to see that This American Life - the beloved NPR storytelling extravaganza - now lets bloggers embed episodes of their stupendous show...except that when I tried it, I couldn't make it work! BUT, at that point I was pumped up about sharing this with you, citizens - so I'm sending you through the link!

In the "back to school" spirit of September, enjoy their show entitled First Day. If you click on "stream," you can listen right there on your computer. You an also buy it and take it with you for 99 cents or even better buy the app and listen to any program you like any time you want. It's a fantabulous show, and if you haven't heard of it before now - you're welcome!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arty Party

I don't know about you, citizens, but I love the Arts & Crafts on Bedford event, and I was excited to see that it's on for this weekend, September 25 & 26. There is great people watching and every kind of arty farty goodness you can imagine. I blogged about last year's event here and here, and it didn't disappoint.

Maybe this will be the year I make a big ticket purchase with one of my favorite exhibitors, James Polisky Art. Every year, I buy a postcard of awesomeness, but always think of putting more of my money where my eyes are. Once upon a time on at this event, I bought a gorgeous amethyst necklace and earrings - maybe they need friends. If nothing else, I'll find something new and ridiculous to blog about.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Stamford Restaurants

You can learn a thing or two by taking a peek at the Stamford Downtown Special Services District Restaurant & Clubs page. For instance, you can learn about some restaurants moving into the neighborhood.

- The most exciting one to me is Tasti D-Lite. They have them all over NYC, and I'm thrilled to read that their top notch frozen yogurt is headed our way. The site says they'll be taking up residency at 211 Main Street.

- As a recent comment on a fairly old post mentioned, you can expect an Italian restaurant called Tappo in the near future at 51 Bank Street (where the pottery place used to be).

- Another new establishment by the name of Bar Taco is setting up shop at 222 Summer Street (which I think is right next to Barcelona's Stamford location).

- You can see the signs advertising Lola's Mexican Kitchen at 135 Bedford Street. The DSSD site describes it as delivering "both a first-class Mexican Restaurant and a vibrant Bar Scene. Lola’s Menu features traditional favorites such as burritos and enchiladas, as well as a number of House Specialites. Utilizing only the freshest and finest ingredients, Lola’s Mexican Kitchen provides an everyday dining experience, with tasty offerings that are showcased in a simple, yet delicious manner."

If I learn more, I promise I'll share. If you learn more, let us know!

(photo from Justin Marty,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Cheers for Beers!

As regular readers will know, I’m a fan of events that (1) support a good cause and (2) let you raise a glass of something tasty to do the trick!

The North Stamford Exchange Club is putting together just such an afternoon, and they are calling it the Beer Exchange. On Sunday, October 24th from 1-4pm, join them at the Italian Center (1620 Newfield Ave in Stamford) to sample some of New England’s frothiest native brews. Local restaurants will be on hand to keep you fed and a silent auction of sports-related goodies plus a drawing will keep you entertained.

Proceeds from the event support all the good stuff the organization is doing. The biggest benefactor will be the Exchange Club Parenting Skills Center of Stamford (devoted to the prevention of child abuse).

Tickets will run you $55. Everyone (age 21 and over) is welcome to attend! You can buy tickets at any of these locations:

- Tomasello Enterprises, 36 Garden St. 203-967-3020
- DeMott Automotive, 533 Pacific St. 203-356-1603
- Parkway Diner, 1066 High Ridge Rd. 203-321-8606
- Torrington Supply Co., 633 Hope St. 203-977-8350
- Sach’s Plumbing Supply, 200 Richmond Hill Ave. 203-325-1355
- Giovana’s Wine & Spirits, 1492 High Ridge Rd. 203-252-2518

Football fans, there will be a big screen TV ready to roll so you won’t miss a minute. For more info, double click on the image of their poster or contact Amy Wilmot at 203-332-3788 or

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ultimate Speed Newtorking Experience

I like that title, so I kept it as is. It sounds kinda like a monster truck rally, which makes it intrinsically awesome. On September 22nd, from 7-9pm, 84 Park is hosting exactly that event. For $10, you and a guest can come along, enjoy a free drink and learn about other local professionals.

The invitation says it's an opportunity to "generate sales, build relationships and gain contacts in a fun, chic atmosphere!" What's not to like?! To sign up your own business, contact Kristen at or get additional info by calling 203-973-0300 or emailing Rachel at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on Bordain

This one requires you to look into the future. It's February. You're cold. But you don't care because you're curling up with a nice warm evening with Anthony Bordain. He will be heating up your winter night February 12th at 8pm at the Stamford Center for the Arts.

You know who he is. I know you do, but let's just pretend you don't. The press release describes him as "the internationally acclaimed chef, author, and host of Travel Channel’s 'No Reservations,' [who] has been dubbed 'the bad boy of cuisine' for his rock star looks and blunt observations about the world of restaurants, chefs, and cooking." That sounds about right (although that rock star reference might be to Keith Richards...but still...).

It's a hot ticket that goes on sale on September 15th, 11am. Depending on the seats, it will run you $39.50 or $47.50, and you can purchase tickets through or by calling 203-325-4466. If you're feeling a little VIP, you can buy the fancy package tickets for $83. Those offer premium seats and a little meeting along with a side of greeting Mr. No Reservations himself.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

President Obama Comes to Stamford

President Obama is on his way to your backyard. My friend TK tells me that our fearless leader will be in town for a fundraiser to benefit Richard Blumenthal (who, you more than likely know, is running for Senate).

The event, held at the Stamford Marriott, will take place on September 16th, and you can count on some traffic backups. The prediction is that the President will arrive between 2:30 and 3:30pm and leave between 7-8pm. If you see him, ask him if he's tired of "stimulus" jokes for me.

Cans for Good Karma

Well, hello there citizens! A few people have been asking about what sorts of food they can bring to the upcoming Cans and Cocktails Event to donate. Great question! Of course it should be non-perishable, but the food bank is particularly interested in the following:

- Instant mashed potatoes.
- Fruit cocktail.
- Canned tuna.
- Canned chicken.
- Canned soups.
- Carnation Instant Breakfast.
- Breakfast cereal.
- Peanut butter.
- Grape jelly.
- White or brown Rice (large bags).
- Powdered or parmalat milk.
- Pasta.
- Jarred spaghetti sauce.
- Canned vegetables (corn, cut green beans).
- Dried beans (pinto beans, black eyed peas, lentil, kidney).
- Crackers.
- Juices.
- Macaroni & Cheese.
- Applesauce

Thanks for helping to support the folks who need our help in this community.

(photo from EraPhernalia Vintage,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

100 Year Old Boys and Girls

The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich may be full of young faces, but it's actually celebrating its 100th birthday.

Come party with them at the Greenwich Water Club (49 River Road Cos Cob) on September 16th over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres served with a side of networking.

The event runs from 6-8:30pm and will run you $35 in advance (and $45 at the door). A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible. Contact Brooke Sforza at 203-330-2008 for more information.

There may be a quicker way to get your name on the list (call Brooke!) but one way to do it is to mail a check made out to "Boys & Girls Club Of Greenwich" to:

Brooke Sforza
Pullman & Comley
850 Main Street P.O. Box 7006
Bridgeport, CT 06601

Don't forget to send along the names of the folks who will joining up.

(photo from JohnONolan,

Back Online!

Apologies for leaving you in the lurch for a few days, citizens. I packed my bags for the Jersey Shore and spent a few days catching up with some of my favorite people.

However, I have been working hard on Cans and Cocktails, finalizing the fabulous cocktails menu and working with the talented We Can't Stop on his amazing Stamford souvenirs. Trust me, fun will be had! Hope you come out to celebrate and support the food bank.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

20,000 Junior Leagues Under the She

Hey Ladies! Interested in doing good? Check out the Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk.

They are welcoming a new provisional class starting on September 15th at their headquarters: 748 Post Road in Darien.

It's a great organization of women making the community better. For more information, see the section of their website on becoming a member.

(photo from (((o.kvlt))),

Monday, September 6, 2010

What's this New Fangled Thing Called Facebook?

It only took me 7,296 years, but I joined several (jillion) other people and joined Facebook. Be my friend!

All the Cool Kids RSVP!

Don't forget to RSVP to Cans and Cocktails by writing me at The better our sense of whether you are coming, the more likely we are to be fully stocked for food, drink and merriment. Don't let us run out of merriment!

Say Yes to the Address (of the new CVS!)

It loomed there for weeks, taunting me with its false promise of convenience. At the end of last week, there was an "Opening Soon" sign taped to the door, but I would not assume anything! I'd been fooled before. AND YET today, the CVS on Forest Street near Atlantic is open! Oh joy! The woman at the door told me they opened yesterday. We walked inside to see virgin office supplies, untouched makeup displays and Frito bags free of fingerprints. It was

Ok, so perhaps I'm overstating the case, but I'm unhealthily excited to have a CVS so close to me. No more going half way around the world to get some food staples (or some regular staples). It's clean, it's convenient, it's brand spanking new, and since they recently got sued for having outdated merchandise - I betcha they are on their very best behavior keeping things up to snuff.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Artie Pants

I don't know about you, citizens, but I always love the Arts & Crafts on Bedford event. I've bought hand carved wooden bowls for my dad. I've bought plush tote bags for my mom. You don't have to make a purchase to have a nice time. There is great people watching, window shopping and an Imagination Station for kids.

The event is back, and you can check it out on September 25 & 26. There will be 75 boutiques up and down Bedford Street. No cars, just you and me and thousands of our closest friends. The Downtown Special Services District was kind enough to tell me which vendors we will see:

- 121 Collection/J & J Designs
- Ami Nyitray Designs
- AQ Creations
- Athalia Originals
- Barbara Boutot Designs/Harelooms
- The Beading Buddies
- Berkshire Fabrications
- Beth Russo Jewelry
- Bill Chisholm Fine Arts
- Black Orchid Designs
- Blooming Beanies
- Bryony Brett Stained Glass
- By the Bay Designs
- Carr Studio
- Cheer Clay Studio
- Cheryl Kumiski Glass Studio
- Cottontales Ltd
- Crafty Baby, LLC
- The Creative Spirit
- Dancing Shakti Designs
- Debra Grubbs Art Studio
- Designs by Rali
- Doug Hockman Photography
- Fran Kronstadt Studio
- Garden Grove Pottery
- Gigi’s Attic
- Green Mountain Glass
- Greg Stones
- Handcrafted by Brigitte
- Hart Woodcrafts
- Helen's Gem Collection
- Inna Linov Art
- Iron Arts
- Jack Miller Studios
- James Polisky
- Jewelry
- Jewelry by Jane
- Joe Iovanna Woodworking
- Judith's Studio
- Julie A. Schroeppel Glass
- Kate Laine Jewelry
- Kindled Dreams, LLC
- La De Dah!
- Lakeside Pottery Ceramic School
- Leaves by Jenney
- Living Stones
- Malabar Glass
- Malka Ronen Creations
- Marcelo Miranda Handbags
- Marie Pace Designs
- Megan Brogden Studio
- Monica Jorgensen
- Mosaic Images
- Olefson Design
- On My Own Crafts
- Peaceful Places
- Photography by Kim
- Phyllis Urso Jewelry Designs
- Providence Art Glass
- Quilibet
- R. Dessler Designs
- Riverstone
- Ruth Kole Cargill
- Sea Glass Designs
- Skyspyders
- Spiderweb Glass
- Sudieware
- Treasure of the Vine
- Two Son Jewelry
- Typewriter Jewelry
- The Village Woodshop
- Weihong Liu Art
- Wendy Detrick Worshamn, Inc.
- Wilton Artisans
- Works by Thom C
- Zim Photography

(photo from romana klee,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Piedmont Wine Tastes Just Fine

On Tuesday, September 21st, Morello Italian Bistro will host a wine dinner featuring the Piedmont vineyard, Marchesi di Barolo. As regular readers know, I'm a tremendous fan of Morello. The vineyard's fifth generation owner, Anna Abbona, will be available to tell you more about the products.

That on top of the fabulous cuisine of Chef Mark Medina-Rios will make this event one not to be missed. The evening begins with a reception at 7pm and dinner is underway a half hour later. The price for the event is $135, and that includes all of the expense.

The decadent and fabulous menu is as follows:

- Hors d'oeuvres paired with Gavi White Label 2009
- Primi: Squash Ravioli with sage butter paired with Dolcetto d’Alba "Madonna di como" 2008
- Secondi: Roast Halibut with rustic polenta, king oyster mushrooms paired with Barbera d’Alba “Ruvei” 2007
- Carne: Bistecca with celeriac root puree, black grapes paired with Barbaresco 2006 and Barolo 2005
- Dolci: Poached figs with almond gelato paired with Moscato d’Asti "Zagara" NV

(photo from dicktay2000,

Pets on Parade

Snapped this picture of the cats and dogs on their way to prep for the auction:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cans and Cocktails!

Raise a glass with me, citizens! The Cans and Cocktails event promises to be a lot of fun, not to mention a great way to support an important community institution: The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Major kudos to We Can't Stop for creating this amazing invitation. Hope to see you there!