Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taco TV - On the Scene Reporting

Although the headline is entirely accurate, let me clarify that the "on the scene" reporter is not moi, but critic at large and all around lovely person, TK. She offers this artful assessment of El Charrito's moment in the TLC spotlight:

Despite the blustery weather, a steady stream of regulars showed up to
El Charrito today (the taco truck on Richmond Hill Ave). A film crew
was there, interviewing customers for a show on the top 10 best street
food vendors that is rumored to be airing on TLC. A Stamford Advocate
reporter was also on the scene interviewing customers. The
proprietors, Alex and Carlos, were in good spirits, passing out cups
of Mexican hot chocolate to keep everyone warm and happy.

The daily specials were Cochinita Pibil (pork tacos) and Enchilidas
Verdes. The tacos included tender pulled pork that was slightly sweet
and tangy, with carmelized red onions, fresh parsley, and a wedge of
lime. And the tortillas were soft, fresh, and delicious as always.
The Enchilidas Verdes included a moist chipotle marinated chicken
wrapped in tortillas and topped with lettuce and Mexican crema.

The whole event whet my appetite for more El Charrito. Unfortunately
they are closing for the winter soon, but they said they'll be open
March 1, 2010, come rain, sleet, or snow.


malerie said...

I'm so happy they are being recognized. I wrote about them a couple of weeks ago in StamfordOTC and love the tacos!

Stamford Talk said...

Nice reporting, TK! :)