Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mary Ann's

With two times at bat, I think I can say something useful about one of the newest additions to the Stamford restaurant scene - Mary Ann's. Those looking for standard fare goodness will not be disappointed, but you'll also find creative selections, such as quesadillas with mango BBQ pork or goat cheese with veggies. There are lots of vegetarian and healthy options as well. I made a serious dent in the Tampico Burrito featuring flavorful tomatillo and shredded chicken.

For drinks, our table was divided between beer and margaritas. I heard not one complaint about the pitchers. For margaritas, they did not skimp on the tequila, and I walked away a little wobbly. Still, the mix came up a bit short - not bad, just not fabulous. As far as the surroundings, I dig the indoor cacti, but I would love to see some brighter colors, more interior light. The quality of the food will keep me (and lots of others) coming back, but a few minor tweaks to the drinks and the decor will make Mary Ann's a true stunner on Summer.

(photo from Hipopótominha,

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Anonymous said...

went there on saturday. very very nice. good food and good value..