Sunday, June 28, 2009

Webcam Caravan

Too lazy to do things? How about watching other people do things. Alive@5 was the perfect reminder to stop and smell the tourists – ok, maybe not smell them, but observe your fellow man being silly, being gallant, being ridiculous and just being. Here are a few other places to take in this wide world without leaving your own corner:

- Check out the Virginia Aquarium’s sea turtle or shark tanks and folks coming to visit them

- See London’s hustle and bustle on Leicester Square

- New Orleans’ Bourbon Street is on display

- Duesseldorf Street Cam captures Sunday diners and Monday commuters

- Watch guys in Hawaiian shirts chase the illusive six-toed cat on Key West cams

- People are Praguing it up in City Center


Streets of Stamford said...

Here's my favorite webcam:

You get to watch cheddar cheese age for a year. It's awesome.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

This is what they're talking about when they use the word "genius."