Monday, June 15, 2009

All My Single Locals

So I volunteer with a community organization, and we were brainstorming about who most deserves our charitable efforts. Some said the poor, some said the elderly, and one woman said - with a sigh - singles.

Although I've been happily off the market since John Kerry got trounced, I'm working my way towards a merit badge in love connections. To date, I can take credit for a marriage, two kids and what looks like another success story. That being said, I'm happy to use my new soap box to spread the word about a Stamford Speed Dating Event at g/r/a/n/d, 15 Bank Street downtown at 8pm this Thursday.

If you go, fall desperately in love and tie the knot, let me know so I can brag to strangers.

(photo from ~BostonBill~,

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