Thursday, June 18, 2009

Duo Deals

I like Duo, and they should love me. Everyone I bring there becomes a regular. Keep up my streak and take advantage of their half off drink specials and live music tonight from 6-8pm.


Streets of Stamford said...

I ate there with my dad and my wife not long after they opened and we weren't impressed. It seemed like they were trying too hard to be nouveau-chic, and the menu was overpriced. Also, the smell of cooking fish coming from the open kitchen was NOT appetizing!

That said, I tried like the dickens to take advantage of their March "recession specials" - half-price sushi, $1.50 sashimi - but never managed to make it there.

Since you and Stamford Talk both seem to love Duo, I guess I'll give it another shot.

stamfordnotes said...

Definitely give it another shot. Even my self-proclaimed sushi snob friends have been pleased. Duo has revamped the menu recently and since their opening, they've had acres of time to work out the kinks.

Anonymous said...

Duo is fab- great atmosphere and great food! Also looking forward to Thai Chi opening.

Streets of Stamford said...

OK, OK, you twisted my arm. I'll try it again.

I have to admit that I'm very torn about Thai Chi; we LOVED Plateau and were very upset when it closed (both times). If Thai Chi doesn't have lacy Malaysian crepes, I'm not going.