Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stamford Notes Promotes Something Good

Dear Citizens -

Blogging is all fine and good. I like it. But perhaps Stamford Notes can do more. What about an event? What about something that would promote a local business and benefit a local cause? To do that, I need your help.

What would you like to attend:
- A happy hour?
- An art event?
- A class?
- A speech?

What sort of charity would you like to help:
- A food bank?
- An educational cause?
- A health-related charity?
- An anti-poverty charity?

I'll put your best ideas to a vote - and see if we can't do something good.

(photo from gruntzooki,


Unknown said...

We have to present that at Kevin's next Blog and Grog!

Anonymous said...

A happy hour or art event would be appealing, and I think donating to a local charity, like the Food Bank on Glenbrook Road, would be a great idea.

pastor666 said...

Happy hour would be nice. Would be great to meet all the Stamford bloggers in person. Maybe an auction to write a guest post on someone's blog?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear bout the free Meet & Mingle at Hotel Zero Degrees on 4/20? email if you want to rsvp.(before 4/9) It's an event to get to know other stamford downtown residents.