Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things that are Horrible

Not necessarily in order of horribleness:

1. Matt Damon's mustache in "The Informant"
2. Killer robots
3. The ABC/Cablevision dispute that is messing with the Oscars and which will get exponentially more horrible if it messes with Lost
4. Next weekend is rain, rain, rain
5. The fact that I missed out on the Avon Theatre's showing of the Oscar nominated animated shorts
6. This story
7. Earthquakes
8. Mayor Pavia is against the sale of alcohol on Sundays
9. The relative lack of pictures in my blog recently (sorry)
10. This video (horrible, and yet awesome)

(photo from Fuyoh!,

1 comment:

Chris Preovolos said...

Yeah the shorts were cool. I've managed to make it the last three years (one year in DC).

Both of my favorite won, which I was a little surprised by.