Monday, March 15, 2010

From Lights Out to Lights On

The CL&P Outage Report show that things are getting better. The estimated customers interrupted today is listed as 11,590, making up 21.57%. Yesterday, the numbers were in the low 30% range.

Apart from the power, Stamford saw some other terrible losses. Chris Preovolos' pictures of the Maiolo family home show what happens when a tree and a roof meet up with 60 mile an hour winds.

The Advocate also reports that Governor Rell has declared a state of emergency. There are crews from all over working on the electrical problems from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Ohio and parts of Canada.

The City of Stamford has updated its online emergency notification, and it now reads as follows:


Due to the vast expanse of storm damage, the City of Stamford has experienced a significant number of fallen trees, downed utility poles and power lines resulting in power outages throughout Stamford. Many roads may be impassable and are therefore closed. Governor Rell has declared a State of Emergency for our area. Our situation is serious; if at all possible, please stay off the roads and stay indoors. Stay clear of any wires on the ground or entangled in trees; all wires should be considered live and extremely dangerous.

The City’s Operations crews have been working steadily since the storm hit to clear fallen trees not involving power lines. However, fallen trees that are entangled in or lying on power lines cannot be removed by City work crews until the power company disconnects power and makes repairs.

Several thousand residents may still be without power. The City has called in utility workers from across the country and Canada to help restore the power as expeditiously as possible. We hope to see power restored by Tuesday evening.

Please use caution when lighting candles and be sure to completely extinguish all candles before going to bed; try to use flashlights and battery powered lanterns instead.

Stamford Fire Department, Police Department and Health Department staff have been working collaboratively around the clock to assist residents in need. All firehouses in Stamford are open for emergency public assistance. The American Red Cross has established a shelter to St. Aloysius Church, 40 Maple Street in New Canaan, CT in the Stapleton Hall at the Church; this is a regional shelter.

Michael A. Pavia, Mayor

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