Saturday, March 13, 2010

Money Money Money Money (Moooon-nnnay!)

I've bruised my back patting it for finishing up our taxes early this year, and as I've reflected on our finances I've been poking around ye old interweb. Although it's not Stamford-specific, I thought this might be some good information for my favorite citizens.

Want to know where your fed tax refund is? Visit this IRS site to track it. You'll need your Social Security Number (which they encrypt), your filing status and the exact amount of your refund.

Want to get your free credit report that's actually really truly free? The one that you are entitled to by law? Go here.

Want to read an interesting blog on personal finance? There are lots to explore.

- I like 20 Something Finance (which technically doesn't include me anymore, but they haven't blocked my access yet). I like the entries on retirement savings and a piece called "How to Waste Money in 9 Easy Steps."

- I also like Nerd Wallet, and not just because of its ridiculous excellent name. It's focused on credit cards, including good stuff on monitoring your credit and fees cards charge when you travel internationally (which is not all that easy to figure out - at least if you're me).

- In keeping with the quality blog name category, I don't want to exclude Budgets are Sexy, with a tag line reading "'A personal finance blog that won't put you to sleep.' - Benjamin Franklin" and blog posts called stuff like "New Tax Law Changes for 2010 Boyee!"

Continuing the circle of usefulness, each of these has links to more that may be worthy of your attention.

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