Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things that are Ridiculous

In no particular order of ridiculousness:

1. Security guards protecting us from our underwear.
2. This rain.
3. Ice skating outfits in general, and these in particular.
4. The fact that LA Fitness wants me to continuing paying for personal training despite the fact that I canceled my membership (really? how would that work exactly? are you coming to my house?).
5. The UConn Women's Team (ridiculously awesome, that is).
6. Anything remotely related to Kate Gosselin.
7. This list of newspaper corrections from the ridiculously hilarious List of the Day.
8. Rip Torn (allegedly) breaking into a bank that he thought was his home and sprawling on the floor clutching a loaded gun. Seriously though, who's to say he doesn't live there?
9. These lawsuits.
10. The fact that Hot Tub Time Machine is getting better reviews than Green Zone.

(photo from Michael Francis McCarthy, flickr.com)

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