Saturday, March 27, 2010

Urban Definition

When your friend uses an obscure cultural reference that is far cooler than you are, where do you go? One viable option is Urban Dictionary. Mostly, I look up things that would make my mother blush or my own name when someone on Facebook tells me to, but today I decided to look up our little corner.

What is Stamford? It's worth your time to read the full response, but here are a few lines that made me laugh (and/or cry):

stamford is a city where the girls tend to be preppy b*****s, but pretty hot.

A very beautiful city located 40 minutes outside of new york. . . . Stamford consists of many different areas which are all worthless.

stamford is where all the rich, pretty, smart b*****s and hott n****s are..LEGIT!

A city full of cocky dudes that work in finance and girls who think they're worth your time.

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Streets of Stamford said...

My favorite lines:

"everyone is just so rich that they spend benjamins on weed."

"stamford high is so near downtown that the kids barely go to class and end up going to dunkin donuts or lightin up a bogie downtown."

"It's overpriced like the rest of CT and should just give up."

Hey, at least we're not Stamford, NY: "most girls resemble the nearby farm animals as oppose to hot, curvy, sexually-generous females."