Sunday, March 14, 2010

Power Hours

We were blissfully unaware of the power outage across Stamford today until my husband tried to use his gym in Old Greenwich to find place dark and vacant. Yes we had to reset a digital alarm clock, but for the better part of the morning, we were very busy burning up the voltage at home totally unaware that many citizens were not so lucky.

I've heard that some folks have the juice back up and running, but seemingly not everyone. The Stamford Advocate reports that (as of 1pm or so) thousands were still waiting for the lights to come back on. The pictures accompanying the story are pretty grim.

I suppose if you're reading this, you've found some way to get online, but is your power still out at home? The CL&P website has an Outage Map and an Outage Report that shed some light (pun a little bit intended) on what's really going on. The notice on the Stamford City website night be helpful too - it reads as follows:

The City of Stamford is experiencing power outages. There are trees, poles and power lines down throughout Stamford and thousands of customers are without power. Many roads, major and minor are blocked and shut down. The situation is serious, please keep off the roads and stay indoors if possible. Stay clear of any wires on the ground. Please be careful when lighting candles, try to use flashlights and battery powered lanterns instead. Connecticut Light and Power customers are without power. Line crews are working to get power back to homes. Unfortunately, many customers could be without power for several days. All firehouses are open for public assistance and aid. Stamford High School is opened as a shelter for anyone in need. Anyone in Stamford needing transportation may call (203)977-5864.

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malerie said...

Thanks for the links, Notes - just returned from a week away to this "Stormageddon" - no power at home (Westover area), but thank goodness for Starbucks!!