Friday, September 18, 2009

Restaurant Top 8

Ok J from CT, you're on. Here is my own Stamford Restaurant Top 8 in no particular order:

1. Telluride - Clever menus, dark lovely ambiance and cocktails that don't skimp

2. Napa & Company - Fresh ingredients, innovative preparation and a glorious wall of wine

3. Tawa-Indian Cuisine - I pretty much said it here

4. Barcelona Restaurant & Winebar - I pretty much said it here

5. Duo - Fine (literally) raw materials, thoughtful presentation in an elegant modern setting

6. Eos - The New York Times pretty much said it in the link in here

7. g/r/a/n/d - Three words: bar changes color. Have had excellent seafood and pasta dishes here, and it's no stranger to a long stemmed glass with some worthy contents

8. Republic Grill Asian Bistro - Quality Asian bistro with dishes as visually interesting as they are tasty - check out their strikingly sexy website

Disagree? Once again, you are formally invited to bring it. Show your work.

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Anonymous said...

I'd replace Telluride, grand, and Republic Grill with Little Buddha, Aria, and Chez Jean-Pierre. I still need to try Tawa and Eos!

Anonymous said...

Why no love for Saltwater Grille?

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Respectfully, dear readers, if you want to say what we should love, you need to say why we should love it.

Anonymous said...

Barcelona should be there...

J from CT said...

I'll keep your 1 & 2. Only been to them once, but I agree that they're fine places.

I haven't tried your 3-8 (but I have been to Barcelona in Greenwich), although my tastes run a bit more pedestrian. In no order, my other 6:

3. Colony - while not a "restaurant" except for the fact you can get pizza, it's legendary, it has to be tried to decide for yourself, the perilously thin yet unbending crust and DeYulio sausage make this bar-pie a must in my book. My only problem is I had a bud who lived within walking distance, and I got so used to having it it's no longer "special" - but I still have to have it every few months.

4. Brasitas - I'm not the biggest fan of Latino cuisine, but something about this place get me every time. Love the brined pork shop and the chicken breast with the yucca (don't remember the Spanish names)

5. Pellicci's - has everything I want in quality Italian food. Never been disappointed there.

6. Capital Grille - OK, so this is not really a "pedestrian" pick, and, yes, I know it's a chain. Been there twice, and I'm addicted to their lobster mac-and-cheese to go with my porterhouse. They don't have the presentation shtick that Morton's has, and they don't need it.

7. Vinnie's Backyard - never sat in the bar, but if you like kitschy decor the restaurant will feel like home. Why do I go? Wings, baby. Wings.

8. Hope "Street" Pizza - doesn't really have Street in the name, yet we say it all the same. My favorite place for Greek pizza. Gorgonzola salad with souvlaki chicken. Good prices for everything.

honorable mentions - Villa Italia, Giovanni's Italian Deli (on North St. - and only at lunchtime) Lakeside Diner (for pancakes or doughnuts only), Capriccio (al fresco in good weather)

Anonymous said...

I know this is sacriligious of me to even whisper, but does anyone else think Colony is overrated? Had it once on a date, it was good but the whole experience was just eh. Guess one doesn't go there for the experience, but still. Would rather go to the Fat Cat in Norwalk and have some interesting wine with my paper thin pizza.


Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Agree wholeheartedly with making a spot on the list for Capriccio. Fat Cat gets high marks from me too, Laura. Keep meaning to check out Capital Grille. As far as Colony's concerned, I do like the pies, but the clowns scare me.

J from CT said...

Nothing sacrilegious about thinking Colony's overrated. There are plenty of people who think it's all hype. Nothing wrong with saying that at all. We all have opinions. :-)

I've been to Fat Cat and thought the crust was too crackery, but it certainly is a nicer place overall than Colony. I've tried barpies where I can find them, and still think Colony's is better than all.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Capriccio is a great pick - great paninis, salads, etc. - perfect lunch al fresco spot when the weater is right. On a different note, I went to Barcelona for the first time last night, and LOVED it! Amazing food, high energy (place was packed), fun staff. And it was great to see Summer Street so hopping on a Saturday night, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Colony either. Hot oil pizza...gross. There is plenty of better grub in the area.

Anonymous said...

I think Remos beats them both. White Clam pizza is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

anyone tried Fin II? Great lunches!

Anonymous said...

Yes - Fin II is great - good lunch deal!

Anonymous said...

"Respectfully, dear readers, if you want to say what we should love, you need to say why we should love it."

I came back to this thread to see if there were any responses after mine, and this is what I found! Didn't expect to get chastised for not taking more than the two minutes I had to take part in your blog. Guess that will teach me to follow a blog. Back to work.