Saturday, September 12, 2009

A&C on Bedford Today

We just got back from Arts & Crafts on Bedford. Earlier, the crowds were sparse because of the rain, but we left at about 2:00 and the weather had improved. If you're on the fence, you should go - the rain seems to be on the way out.

There are some very cool vendors including Coyne Woodworking (bought my dad a bowl) and James Polisky Art (twisted and amazing; I bought the superhero that sort of looks like my husband and the power hungry bunny). The Imagination Station features a petting zoo with a bunny the size of a beagle. That guy had bigger feet than me! There are musical acts up and down the street and some very excellent people watching. If you go (and have anything deeply meaningful to add), drop me a line.

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Chris Preovolos said...

yeah, I bought something from James Polisky a couple of years ago, a very small black and white woodcut (or linocut, whatever). It was reasonably priced and still sits on my desk.

I didn't see anything like it at his booth today though.