Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Duo Cut in Half (Solo?)

Duo has a ridiculously sweet deal for the week to celebrate Back to School season. From Tuesday, Sept. 22nd to Saturday Sept. 26th, all Duo sushi, sashimi, rolls and even specialty rolls are available for 50% off of menu prices.

Duo recently made my Top 8 restaurant list, and deals like this help glue it into place towards the number one spot.

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Duo is not to be missed.

(photo from Loozrboy, flickr.com)


Amanda said...

Duo is also turning into a bar. Once Thai Chi is finished, the sushi bar will be moved next door and that will be their "food establishment". Duo will become an adult lounge. They are extending the bar all the way along the length of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

thanks- good post! down the road I see;

Tasti D-Lite
Fax: 211 Main Street Coming Soon! Dec 09! Yummy frozen yogurt.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Great tips from both of you - thanks!