Monday, September 28, 2009

"You don't know anything until you've gone broke once."

Don't have acres of time until my battery dies (stupid plug converter set with two prongs instead of three!), but I was able to sign on long enough to refer you to this interesting article from The Advocate on the downtown Stamford real estate market (and particularly Trump Parc), including the priceless quote above. I suppose everything is priceless when you're broke. Pip pip cheerio and such from jolly ol' England - will do what I can to update the blog in absentia.

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Streets of Stamford said...

I don't get this part:
"Salvatore, who recently received zoning approval to build a four-story 94-unit residential building on the block across from Trump Parc..."

Isn't that where the Archstone building was supposed to go until they cancelled and sold the land back to the city?