Saturday, September 12, 2009

Never a Borrower Nor a Trender Be

Ok, so we live in the burbs - we can still be aware of a trend or two. We're "cool" - we're "with it" - we're "hip." Well...we can try anyway. Here are a few trends that I've noticed.

- Inspirational rap
- Calling people douche bags
- Being Fall
- Plaid shirt dresses
- Vampires
- Sophisticated cartoons
- Replaying old licks from The Cure
- Pet Halloween costumes
- Blogging


Silli said...

Hmm.. I live in Stamford. I live in a city, not a suburb. I ride the bus. I walk to work. I can go shopping on my lunch break.

Chris Preovolos said...

Ha. Yeah. I'm totally convinced that Indie Rock, as a genre would not exist if you weren't allow to sample The Cure.