Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet and Cho Down

If you like your comedy a little bit blue, head up the road to see Margaret Cho at the Fairfield Theater Company. She'll hit the stage twice - once at 7pm and again at 9pm on Tuesday, Sept 22nd. Enjoy some choice - but ridiculously tame - Cho-tations:

Monogamy is so weird. Like when you know their name and stuff.

I think that gay people should have the right to get married by Elvis like everybody else.

If I'm talking to a guy who's straight and cute and single, I'm like, "Are you a unicorn?"

A Korean reporter once asked me, "Do you think your Korean parents are ashamed because you talk about what you talk about on stage?" I said, "I don't think they're ashamed because they're Korean. I think any parents would be ashamed."

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