Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cans for Good Karma

Well, hello there citizens! A few people have been asking about what sorts of food they can bring to the upcoming Cans and Cocktails Event to donate. Great question! Of course it should be non-perishable, but the food bank is particularly interested in the following:

- Instant mashed potatoes.
- Fruit cocktail.
- Canned tuna.
- Canned chicken.
- Canned soups.
- Carnation Instant Breakfast.
- Breakfast cereal.
- Peanut butter.
- Grape jelly.
- White or brown Rice (large bags).
- Powdered or parmalat milk.
- Pasta.
- Jarred spaghetti sauce.
- Canned vegetables (corn, cut green beans).
- Dried beans (pinto beans, black eyed peas, lentil, kidney).
- Crackers.
- Juices.
- Macaroni & Cheese.
- Applesauce

Thanks for helping to support the folks who need our help in this community.

(photo from EraPhernalia Vintage, flickr.com)

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