Monday, September 20, 2010

New Stamford Restaurants

You can learn a thing or two by taking a peek at the Stamford Downtown Special Services District Restaurant & Clubs page. For instance, you can learn about some restaurants moving into the neighborhood.

- The most exciting one to me is Tasti D-Lite. They have them all over NYC, and I'm thrilled to read that their top notch frozen yogurt is headed our way. The site says they'll be taking up residency at 211 Main Street.

- As a recent comment on a fairly old post mentioned, you can expect an Italian restaurant called Tappo in the near future at 51 Bank Street (where the pottery place used to be).

- Another new establishment by the name of Bar Taco is setting up shop at 222 Summer Street (which I think is right next to Barcelona's Stamford location).

- You can see the signs advertising Lola's Mexican Kitchen at 135 Bedford Street. The DSSD site describes it as delivering "both a first-class Mexican Restaurant and a vibrant Bar Scene. Lola’s Menu features traditional favorites such as burritos and enchiladas, as well as a number of House Specialites. Utilizing only the freshest and finest ingredients, Lola’s Mexican Kitchen provides an everyday dining experience, with tasty offerings that are showcased in a simple, yet delicious manner."

If I learn more, I promise I'll share. If you learn more, let us know!

(photo from Justin Marty,


JT said...

The Mexican places are starting to rival the number of Indian Places.

Tappo looks pretty close to opening. The Lola’s place is going to be run by the same guys who do Butterfield.

That Chinese place on Atlantic is under renovation. Not sure if its new ownership too.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Nice! Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

I agree with JT - between MaryAnn's and the new Mayan Riviera down the street, I feel like downtown has all the Mexican it needs! I think the area could use one more fancy/big event/nice date destination, ala Napa & Co and Market.

Anonymous said...

The problem with our current options is that Mary Ann's and Riveria Maya are both mediocre at best. The ideal situation would be for Casa Villa to move to a location with more parking options, but that's unlikely.

Lola's and Bar Taco aren't about "more" Mexican food, they're about "better" Mexican food.

Bar Taco is indeed a Barcelona concept, they also have one planned for Port Chester. This is the first I'd heard of the Stamford plan, which I think is great news.

With the creative kitchen staffs of BU8 and Barcelona throwing their hats into the Mexican food ring, we might finally get some decent Mexican options downtown.

Rob said...

Bennett's has closed.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

I saw that! Thanks so much for the comment. Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Lolas opened this evening and I went in for dinner and the place is amazing. Best Mexican in Fairfield County.