Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Local Chef

My household looks to the Bravo TV show Top Chef for a mid-week guilty pleasure. This season, the guy we're supposed to "love to hate" is local boy, Angelo Sosa.

He sheepishly tells viewers he's from a small town in Connecticut. That's true, but he's worked his way down the Metro North line. A little due diligence reveals that he is a Durham, Connecticut native, but he's set up shop in the big city with a sandwich place called Xie Xie.

In his defense, he is kicking butt. He's won challenge after challenge, and that's great. I want to like him, I do, but his winning challenges has not translated into his winning hearts and minds. For example, he's making an impression on the show with lines like "Whoever is going to go against me, there's going to be blood on the stage." How lovely.

It's too early in the season to have a favorite, but it might not be too early to have a least favorite. I say that in part because he's in DC for this competition - a place that became synonymous with the word "sniper" for all the wrong reasons in 2002 - and says "I'm literally going to be a sniper. I'm not here to %^&* around, I'm here to bring it." Awkward.

I suppose it's good that CT's out there with a culinary "go getter" to its name, but next time, I'll take mine with more focus on delicious than vicious.

And then there's this picture. I'll let that one speak for itself.

(photo from René Ehrhardt,

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