Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things that Interest Me (and Might Vaguely Interest You)

1. If you park your car on Bedford before the Promenade, it will get towed. Also, a cop will look at you disapprovingly if he suspects that you might secretly be the disgraced owner of said car.

2. If you poke your head into Quattro Pazzi (where Sabatiello's used to be on Bedford) and ask them when they are opening, they just may say "3 weeks." Neat.

3. There is another new entry to the Stamford Mexican food landscape, and it is scheduled to open in the fall. It's called Lola's and their website will eventually be here (you won't see anything there now - but check back soon).

4. If you ask Fairway Market when they will open in Stamford, they aren't 100% sure, but they may say "before Thanksgiving." Also neat.

5. Tomorrow is the KIC IT Triathalon to benefit Kids in Crisis. It's a very cool event, and you should know that, but you should also know that it will limit your traffic options tomorrow (Sunday). You can see a map of the course here.

6. Your neighbor may be the next president of Haiti.

7. Nature is apparently turning against us. A six year old girl was attacked by two coyotes in her yard in Rye and a baby was killed by a branch that fell out of a tree at the Central Park Zoo. Bizarre and awful!

8. In lighter news, tonight is the LAST Promenade! If you haven't gone, check it out.

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