Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be a Mill River Giver

On June 5th from 9am-1pm, join buildOn to clean up Mill River Park and Riverbank at 26 Mill River Street in Stamford.

Volunteers and students will be planting, weeding and mulching to make the park shine. Materials will be provided but if you bring tools along, they will be glad for your help. Kids over ten are welcome to come along.

And...if you're of age...your volunteer mission then moves to Black Bear to toast your hard work.

For more information, contact Maurice Muchene, Program Supervisor, by emailing or calling (203) 357-4259.

(photo from DanBrady,


Streets of Stamford said...

Why is it that every time they do a cleanup and I want to go, I have family coming to town??

Rob Colgan said...

I went to this and it was great! Thanks for the heads up!

stamfordnotes said...

Excellent! So glad to hear it - thanks for letting me know :)