Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mill River Info

Like half the free (local) world, I'm eager to know what's going on with the Mill River project. Depending on your source of information, it's Utopia down the block or a giant conspiracy against cherry trees.

As you know, dear citizens, I am a rabid optimist and choose to believe that it will be fantabulous. If you want to know when you can begin preparing your mind to be blown, sign up for the Mill River newsletter. You can see the latest newsletter here and sign up for regular updates here.

PS - I went to the Nature Center Wine Flight event last night, and it was amazing! Really fun time. Great food, great wine, great cause. You can learn about restaurants you might have missed and get great deals on silent auction items. They did an incredible job, and I'm definitely planning to go back next year. If you missed it, put it on your 2011 calendar.

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