Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Alive @ 5

I have not written about Alive @ 5, and I know that I should write about Alive @ 5 - but writing about Alive @ 5 requires knowing a lot of band names and dates, and I am tired...and many other people have written about Alive @ 5...so I'm writing something lazy...

Each month on your calendar is [Fill in the Blank] Awareness month, and I happened to stumble upon some particularly interesting/stupid/ridiculous thing clamoring for your awareness. As a public service, please note that June is:

- Goat Trauma Awareness Month. This part of their site made me much more aware than I'd ever wanted to be.
- Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness Month. I feel this is too many long words for my threshold of awareness.
- Celibacy Awareness Month. Isn't it more like denial of awareness?
- Children's Awareness Month. I am proud to say that I, for one, have long been aware of children.
- Effective Communications Month. Enough said.
- Fireworks Safety Month. You'd think it would be in July.
- Turkey Lovers Month. That sounds dirty.
- National Accordion Awareness Month. In my experience, if I am in a room with an accordion and someone is playing said accordion, I am keenly aware of that accordion.
- National Bathroom Reading Month. Really?
- Potty Training Awareness Month. Hope they can read.
- Rebuild Your Life Month. Which I imagine you are planning since you have wasted so many precious moments of it on your awareness of your awareness.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!! Now, I'm aware of many things I was unaware of and therefore marveled by the awareness I procured by your post on awareness.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Thanks for the love!! Keep up the awareness. :)