Monday, June 7, 2010

Jet Set Pets

The “It’s Reigning Cats & Dogs” sculptures are ready set out on their summer adventure and brighten up your block. Some are out in the world already, but others are being installed - complete with fork-lifts and a loader truck - on June 8th between 5am and 11am. When they are all set up, you'll see 40 sculptures by 34 artists all around town.

DSSD has complied a great sculpture series booklet to show you what you'll see and where you'll see it.

If you'd like to welcome them properly, you can attend the official kickoff at the Stamford Marriott on June 16th. Technically, the last day to RSVP is June 7th, so get on it! You can see the RSVP info by scrolling to the bottom of the invitation. Additional info is available by calling 203-348-5285 or visiting the DSSD website. The parade of pets is gracing our streets until August.

(photo from Werwin15,

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