Monday, May 10, 2010

TV Debris

If you're like me, you have a giant, ancient TV that lasted until it made the Simpsons look green making a rectangular dent in your carpet.

I've vaguely ashamed to admit that mine has been nesting into the shag since Christmas. BUT it's all in hopes of supporting the greater good, aka, recycling.

For the love of God, the $%^&* thing will leave our house on May 15th between 9am–2pm and go to a happier place called Scalzi Park. That blessed day is Electronics Recycling Day.

According to the City of Stamford website, you can put to rest the following fallen friends:
* Computers
* Monitors
* TVs
* VCRs
* DVD Players
* Cell Phones
* Copiers/Fax Machines
* Printers
* Radios
* Stereos
* Small Electronics
* Inks/Toners
* Batteries (including alkaline, rechargeable, Lithium Ion & car batteries)
* Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs)
* Linear Lamps

However, these guys are not invited:
* Home appliances like microwaves and stoves
* Refrigerators and air conditioners (those can go to Scale House at 1 Harborview Ave.)
* Chemicals
* Stuff that touched chemicals or liquids
* Commercial or institutional stuff

(photo from tombothetominator,


Anonymous said...

This was great, useful info, SN! I went to Scalzi today and dropped off an old PC, keyboard, printer, etc. The folks there were very nice and helpful, and did unload my trunk.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Excellent! We (as you might have guessed) went too and unloaded our tv, an old computer, moniter, keyboard...and the guys there were helpful and fast. Good event all around!