Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things That Should Hurry Up and Exist

1. Verizon iPhone.

2. Metro North Jet Pack Line.

3. An iron that I could call from work and it would answer and say "yes, I'm unplugged - stop freaking out. Your house is probably not on fire."

4. Downtown Stamford Aquarium / Bowling alley / Biosphere / Jet pack store (formerly known as the Hole).

5. Chocolate bubblegum.

6. Some sort of filter that would make people stop finding this blog by searching "rub and tug."

7. Downtown Stamford Indoor Skydiving.

8. A stock market that would stop sucking.

9. Rumba for your lawn (oh wait, it does exist!)

10. Everything on this list.

(photo from www.tecaeromex.com-59, flickr.com)


Anonymous said...

You can get an iron that shuts off automatically after about 8 minutes. I got mine at Target.

Kevin McKeever said...

It is amazing that Norwalk has the only bowling alley in all of Fairfield County these days. And the Wii game just doesn't cut it. Even with MotionPlus.

stamfordnotes said...

True about the iron - and ours actually offs itself, but somehow I'm neurotic enough to think it's fallen hot side down and turned off just after the flames engulf my bedroom.

True about Wii bowling - the beer isn't as good and the people watching is not as fun.