Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Today my friend JP and I wandered into the art space on the corner of Atlantic and Broad housing the cats and dogs headed for display all over the city. The It's Reigning Cats & Dogs sculpture series is coming soon. Local artists are hard at work finishing up their creations.

One of those artists was kind enough to chat with us and pass along her charming handmade business card. Her name is Tina Fino, and she's a Stamford-born graphic designer gracing our streets with "Doggie Delirium." Although not in final form, you can see her painted puppy here. This is Tina's first time displaying her work on the summer sculpture series, and she was thrilled when one of her two designs was selected for the honor.

She was inspired to create her color blocked creature by the bright colors of summer and her own vivid aesthetic. She played up the themes of dog-dom - like hydrants and paw prints - to keep the piece approachable and not too conceptual. Tina tells me that the artists' deadline is June 1st, which means our summer display can't be far off.

You might just catch Tina or one of the other talented artists making your summer a little more fun if you poke your head into the space yourself. It's worth the trip!

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