Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kick Cancer Downstream

On Saturday, June 26th, there is an amazing event on the diving platform. It's the Fourth Annual Swim Across America. The event funds cancer research, prevention and treatment through Stamford's own Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT). Good, bad and in between swimmers all welcome. Events include:

-Pool swim
-Half mile course
-1.5 mile course
-Five mile course

The most popular event is the 1.5 miler. That one starts at Tod's Point in Greenwich and takes you along the shore of Long Island Sound to Dolphin Cove in Stamford. ACGT headquarters mark the finish line. Register for the event at by clicking on the Greenwich – Stamford Swim link.

If you're interested, start now! Swimmers must raise a minimum of $500. If you would like to take part in another way, volunteer opportunities for boaters, kayakers and land volunteers are available. For more information, visit the website or email Jacque Lang at


patty said...

If anyone is interested in supporting a local (blogging) gal,

(I hope you don't mind my shameless self-promotion, SN!)

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Not at all. The more, the merrier! Good luck with the swim and the fundraising! Hey everybody - go support Patty.