Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heights and Lights – Ode to Bob the Vendor

You know Santa’s elf and the Grinch
And holiday cheer,
Singing children plus
Rappelling Santa and his Reindeer.

But do you recall...
The most ubiquitous Christmasy thing of all?

Bob the event vendor
Had shiny things in a row,
And if you ever bought one
Your children would press a button and watch it glow.

All of the other children
Insisted that their parents buy one,
Or two or three or six or twelve
Or any number other than none.

So this chilly December 6th
Bob set up his cart,
Your kid wanted a disco sword so bright
And it went home with you tonight.

Now all the children have them
And the streets were lit up with colors,
Kids of Stamford and their parents
You’re out a few extra dollars.

(photo from rachie lea,
(A la "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer," Johnny Marks, 1947)

1 comment:

malerie said...

Very good! We didn't bring a kid last night - just enjoyed the rappelling Santa and others. The vendors were doing a brisk business, though.