Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweet on Whiskey Sours

Long standing tradition in my family dictates that when my dad and my husband are out to dinner, they order whiskey sours and begin judging. The idea is to seek out the best whiskey sour the area (any area) has to offer. There are detailed considerations involving the manliness of the glass, the use of fruit garnish, the amount of and quality of whiskey and the taste of the sour mix (with odds weighted in favor of not-too-sweet).

We've done the restaurant rounds in Stamford (and then some) and a winner has emerged. Congratulations to the whiskey sour champion: Telluride Restaurant. Manly glass, strong and high end whiskey, appropriate fruit distribution and all around top notch showing. Cheers Telluride!

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AMS said...

I love Telluride!