Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun with H1N1

Reverend Barbara Sexton (who adorably refers to herself alternatively as Reverend Barb and "The Biblical Biochemist") was kind enough to point out that there is an upcoming H1N1 vaccine walk-in clinic in downtown Stamford.

The clinic will be on December 7, 2009 from 1-4pm at the Stamford campus of the University of Connecticut (corner of Washington Boulevard and Broad Street). There are some important limitations on who is eligible for the vaccine. The following is cut and paste from the City of Stamford website - which you should check out for additional information on the walk-in clinic:

The H1N1 intranasal spray vaccine will be available to:
• Healthy children ages 24 months (2 years) through 24 years
• Healthy household contacts and caregivers of infants less than 6 months of age

The H1N1 injectable vaccine will be available to:
• Pregnant Women
• Children and adults from 3 years to 64 years of age with underlying medical conditions (examples: asthma, other lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc)
• Persons who live with or provide care for infants less than 6 months of age who are not eligible for the H1N1 intranasal spray vaccine

(photo from Môsieur J. [version 3.0a], flickr.com)


Unknown said...

This vaccine is an important one, even for those of us who have gotten sick with this virus. The people who know are concerned that this acts too much like the 1918 pandemic which hit the same age group as this one and made its second debut, a very chilling one.
(it was surmised that the 1918 flu hit mildly first, but came back the second time around killing millions).

patty said...

It seems like the vaccine has finally made its way into doctors' hands. My boys got the nasal mist at Firefly Pediatrics recently. While the Stamford clinics may be free, Firefly has the nasal mist (great for needle phobes) and $15 per dose is a small price for our two-career family to pay for the convenience of a 6:30 pm appointment.