Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's No People Like Snow People

Went to Butterfield 8 tonight for a little holiday party. Walking down the street with the snow coming down and the trees covered in white lights - pretty freakin picturesque. Check out the snow, citizens, before it goes from a pristine white blanket to a dirty brown mess. Be careful on the roads, but don't let the lovely part of winter pass you by.

Other good signs of the season:
- At least 3 downtown Stamford Santas (+ at least one sexy elf friend) spreading cheer
- Crazy nice guys unwrapping Christmas trees and trimming branches at Stew Leonard's - Adorable 80 year old man buying diamond gift for his wife at Grunberger Jewelers
- A Christmas angel sharing her extra Bed Bath & Beyond coupons with those of us who failed to plan ahead
- Everyone behaving themselves despite ridiculous line at Liz Sue Bagels

Do you have winter pics or holiday goodness you'd like to share? Send it my way. If I like it, I'll post it.

(photo from MGShelton,

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Anonymous said...

Another great sign of the season..hundreds of people showed up for the Keith Segovia soccer classic, even though there was a huge snow storm case you dont know, Keith is a Stamford native and has played professional soccer. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005, beat it several times and now his cancer has become terminal. It was a great showing and there was tons of love and support there. Merry xmas!