Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ho ho photo

'Tis the season and Santa has plopped himself onto his seasonal throne in the Stamford Mall. When I was young enough to take up residence on Santa's lap at Christmas, I got a grainy little Polaroid for my trouble. Nobody ever told me I'd poke my eye out, but it was a pretty unsophisticated (if charming) affair. Not so now.

According to the mall website, you can take your pic with Santa home as a flash drive, a 12-month photo calendar, personalized cards, a photo ornament and even something called a Russ Berrie Shining Stars Plush. Oh and there's also (yawn) photographs - if you're into that sort of thing.

(photo from f650biker,

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malerie yolen-cohen said...

with all the stars and calendars and ornaments, etc. you can buy every year, is it just coincidence that A&E recently launched a show called "Hoarders"?