Thursday, September 17, 2009

Local Top 8

Budget Travel highlighted eight places each American citizen should see. Inspired by that model, let's think of the eight places you should check out in Stamford:

(1) Cove Island on a sunny day
(2) The Avon Theater
(3) The Stamford Nature Center
(4) Napa Restaurant
(5) Palace Theatre - Stamford Center for the Arts
(6) Summer Street during the UBS Parade Spectacular
(7) Landmark Square when Santa straps on the rappelling gear
(8) Columbus Park during Alive@5

Alt suggestions? Bring it.

(photo from rafaj,


Anonymous said...

Nature Center!! They have pigs!!

J from CT said...

Instead of on a sunny day, Cove Island at sunrise.

The annual arts and crafts fair.

A walking tour of whatever that year's downtown statues are.

Restaurant destinations should have their own top 8: Colony, Napa, Telluride, Brasitas are 4 to start with...

Anonymous said...

The Cove is one of my favorite places...anywhere! Good list.


Streets of Stamford said...

Spot the Batman, and I don't mean Bruce Wayne.

Doug said...

Kosciuszko Park in the South End. Water on 3 sides, great views of the harbor, excellent walking/running path, lots of trees near the water. Many people know nothing about it and those who do haven't seen it since they finshed renovations about 2 years ago. Should not be missed.