Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flowers for Showers

Today, I co-hosted a baby shower for two former colleagues. Always eager to promote local business, I made a concerted effort to buy my party prep from local folks.

First, I went to All Things Floral for an arrangement of pastel roses, lilies and snapdragons. The florist created an elegant display wrapped in coordinating tissue paper and housed in an easy to carry box. Not only was the product just what I wanted, but they let me pick up the flowers on Sunday (when they're closed) to accommodate my schedule.

Second, I went to Schakolad Chocolate Factory for party favors. I found baby-themed chocolate lollipops that fit the bill entirely. When the store display had a fewer chocolates than I needed, employees looked high and low until they found more. They also offered to make a few extra. I got 10 favors for about $20 - a reasonable price for a charming little takeaway.

Lovely way to welcome each guest; local money to reinvest.

(photo from foodistablog,

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Anonymous said...

nice tip about the flowers. i normally use NOBU