Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Tawa I First Believed

Although “Tawa – Indian Cuisine” is not new to Stamford, it is new to 211 Summer Street and to me. My in-laws are in town, and it seemed like a perfect destination for a Sunday afternoon. Tawa opened its doors on August 17th after an extensive renovation, and the new décor is impressive. As you enter from the ground floor, there’s a charming bar to the right under jewel colored lanterns. Heading up the stairs, you find the picturesque dining area where the floor is inlaid with delicate scrolling metal work and an adjacent wall displays Indian art on dark wooden shelves. The dark wood repeats on the ceiling where white pin lights poke through like stars. There are pale gold toned curtains and panels sparkling by the doors and windows.

It’s treat for more than just the eyes. For the taste buds, all four of us enjoyed the buffet. Everyone had high praise for the Masal Dosa, an airy pancake filled with a lentil and potato mixture. It’s a bit disconcerting to eat green chicken, but that aside, I found the mixed kabobs quite tasty. Others at the table found that dish a little dry, but it suited me fine. My favorite plate real estate was occupied by the Raj Asthani (apologies for any mutilation of the spelling). It’s a lamb curry with a luscious gravy that melted into your pallet almost before it left the fork. Dum Aloo, a potato dish, was a little mushy (although others in my party disagree) but flavorful with a tomato base and an appropriate amount of spice. I also liked the Channa Saag, a creamy spinach and chick pea dish with warming subtle spices.

Your ears will appreciate the understated sitar music and your pocketbook will appreciate the price tag. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, they were kind enough extend a discount, full price for the buffet at $11 was very fair.


Anonymous said...

You know, they don't mention a buffet on their it only on the weekends?

Ted Todgers said...

nice one. gonna try it this week. Meera is not bad but hoping that Tawa will provde that X factor!

Streets of Stamford said...

OK, you really need to get out of my head. Tawa was next on my list of blog topics after Bedford Street!

Maybe I'll blog about the best place to buy a tin foil hat.

Anonymous said...

looks good

Unknown said...

Went there Saturday evening, Marvelous - posted and blogged. A definite go to experience.