Saturday, August 29, 2009

Filling in the Blanks on Bedford

Imagine you are the Mayor of Bedford Street. There are a good four empty storefronts - maybe more. Your job is to fill them. Money is no object. What do you do? A bagel store, a new restaurant, a spa, a grocery store, a clothing name it.

Tell me and I'll blog about the best ideas.

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Unknown said...

A true bagel store would be nice, not one that buys them from some place else and sells them.
A nice chinese market - there was one - it closed.
A really good coffee spot(not Starbucks!)
The last i do not know.

J from CT said...

A fresh produce grocer where the chinese market was.

A bagel place would be nice, but I'd prefer a full-on bakery, complete with bagels, other breads, etc.

A small jazz bar.

Is the former Sabatiello's one of the spots? If so, a churrascaria there.

Anonymous said...

An independent coffee shop with an all ages open mic night, a vintage clothing/cd store, Trader Joes (well, let's put that in the bottom of the Baby and Toy Superstore they're working on)so, if not Trader Joes, then a nice produce/flower store, and an independent book shop. Or a pharmacy like that cute one on the Post Road in Darien.

Anonymous said...

A real Bakery whould be nice.

Ted Todgers said...

Wallgreens is opening where that baby shop used to be. Also there is a pharmacy now open next to the Wolfe dry cleaners (near the Avon).

Also noticed yesterday that Cartridge world opened next to Luckys. All we need now is sabatiellos and the bunch of open lots near Butterfield 8 to be filled and Bedford Street will be buzzing!!

Streets of Stamford said...

You know what I'm going to say.

Cheese shop.

PS: I was about to write something about this! Either I need to talk quieter or you need to stop hiding in my shrubbery.

Anonymous said...

I agree with having a bakery and a small grocery store. A store that sells upscale home goods, like wine glasses, plates, table cloths, etc. would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Vietnamese restaurant with $5-$7 bowls of pho, viet sandwiches, and bubble tea

Asian market w/o exorbitant prices

+1 on the coffee shop with open mic night

+1 on the jazz bar

Anonymous said...

Stamford used to have most all of this stuff, before rents (especially on Bedford Street) got outrageous. Anyone else remember Bedford Records? The cheese shop on High Ridge? Coffee Tree? Catch-22 jazz bar on Iroquois Road?