Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Entertainment on the cheap is a scarce commodity, but with a little thought you can have a good time on a thin dime. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

- Play tennis at one of Stamford's seven free public tennis courts

- Stamford beaches and parks - you got your Scalzi Park/Cubeta Stadium, Cummings Park, Terry Conners Rink and Cove Island Park. Cummings and Cove require a beach sticker until September 7th, but that's closer than you think - and it's only $20 anyhoo

- Ferguson Library - not only can you check out a new read, you can take advantage of the affordable but fabulous used book shop and events including films and classes

- Join a Meetup group like Stamford Kayak Group, the Food, Wine & Jazz Meetup or the 20s/30s Book Club.

- Window shopping at Saks (warning, this may lead to very un-cheap entertainment)

- Test drive a Mini (same warning, only much worse)

- See all the Roam Around sculptures before they get packed up and shipped out

- Check out a taping of Springer (yup, it's free)

- Play on the playground - Twin Meadows and Mill River are good choices

- DQ - small dip cones are all kinds of cheap

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