Friday, August 7, 2009

Urban Transitway

Ok, so the ribbon cutting was in July, but it's not ridiculously untimely to point out that the first leg of the Urban Transitway is up and running. I noted it mostly because the irritating collection of construction cones leaving the Stamford Metro North station was replaced by a spiffy looking intersection - but were I coming from Elm Street, this new stretch of road allegedly would make my commute to the train all the easier. The first section extends one mile, but work is underway to expand the passage further and reduce congestion.

For more information, you can fork over $3 and read Harold Davis' July 3rd article in The Advocate archives or check out the city's project information posting and map. My husband and I have long agreed with BlogStamford about the need for more city bike access, and we were pleased to see that the new roadway includes a bike lane. Too bad we'd get squished getting to it from Broad, but it's a step in the right direction.

PS - Yeah, I know I should have said something meaningful about the final Alive@Five, but I got nothin...other than props to Stamford Talk, BlogStamford and SOS for a blog well done.

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