Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stamford Center for the Arts Blackening Up Its Books

According to Stamford Plus, the Stamford Center for the Arts has filed legal papers to get out of bankruptcy in the next few months. If all goes as planned, their bankruptcy won’t live much beyond its first birthday. Very pleased for the SCA, but looking ahead to their fall schedule, I find it hard to get excited.

Upcoming shows include Jackie Mason, Tony Bennett and “Menopause The Musical.” Target audience for these acts combined has to about 72 years old. I swear to God I’ve seen some 20 and 30 somethings milling around this town. What’s on tap for us, pray tell? Perhaps they can combine two upcoming events – the symphony and “Fall Fisticuffs III,” the youth boxing event. I could be persuaded to spend a nickel or two to see if the last man standing was wearing trunks or a tux. If they don’t take my suggestion, here’s hoping they figure out another way to spice up the lineup.

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Kevin McKeever said...

This has always been a problem for the SCA -- booking act for a older demographic. I think The Smothers Bros. must have played here a zillion times.