Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Connecticut is Moving in with its Mom

Bloomberg.com reports that Connecticut is on the verge of borrowing one billion dollars to cover its 942 million dollar budget shortfall. State law requires a balanced budget and, as you can see, we ain't got one. Apparently, the state maintains a 1.4 billion dollar rainy day fund, but Governor Rell has other plans for it - namely - to compensate for our future anticipated financial delinquency.

I have less than no expertise in this area, but I am not a fan of the idea that we'll be a billion dollars in debt and presumably paying interest on such a preposterously high loan. Today seems like a pretty rainy day - could we at least pay down a portion of the debt? I'd like to know what kind of interest rate we are getting and how the governor plans to pay for it.

Moreover, as an alternative, I would like to propose a tax on one or more of the following: excessive eyeliner; costumes for dogs; the wearing of pants so baggy that they cling desperately to the underside of the butt; fake British accents; the sale of crappy wine; anyone who went to Harvard and when asked where they went to school says "in Boston"; and sale of whatever detergent left blue marks on my shirt.


Streets of Stamford said...

I don't get the Harvard thing...are Harvard grads afraid to seem "too smart"?

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

And yet they come across "too douchy" - ironic, no?